Hyaluronan Analysis Services

Foenestra has developed patented processes enabling new methods for analyzing hyaluronans.  Our trained personnel conduct hyaluronan analyses for clients including pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

We develop a customized work plan based on the client’s specific needs and budget.  Contact us today to inquire about a solution for your hyaluronan analysis needs. 

Size Distribution

Using state-of-the-art solid-state nanopore technology, we are able to determine quantitative hyaluronan (HA) molecular weight distribution from as little as 10 ng of total material. From any purified HA sample, we can provide you with distribution data across a dynamic range from as little as 50 kDa to at least 20 MDa. You will receive raw data on HA molecular weight on a molecule-by-molecule basis as well as distribution data with basic statistical analysis. Contact us for more information on HA isolation standards as contaminants may skew data, or use our in-house extraction services on your specimen.


We offer HA extraction services from a broad range of biological matrices, including plasma, urine, synovial fluid, and more. Our techniques provide an unbiased isolate that is representative of the total HA in a sample and is viable for size distribution analysis.


We use an ELISA-like assay to provide you HA quantification, performing all necessary pre-treatments based on the needs of your sample.

Size Distribution

Unbiased Size Distribution

The biophysics of our technology ensures that there is no bias towards any hyaluronan size over any other, resulting in an accurate representation of the distribution in your sample.

Wide Dynamic Range

Nanopore analysis is capable of resolving molecular weights down to 50 kDa and up to at least as high as 20 MDa.

High Sensitivity

Common techniques like gel electrophoresis typically require micrograms of material to perform, creating challenges for many matrices that may have limited hyaluronan content; we can produce a full size distributions from as little as 10 ng hyaluronan total.

Size distributions obtained for enzymatically-generated HA for increasing time courses. Sizes range up to 20 MDa. From Nat Comm, 10, 5527, 2019.


High Specificity

We strip binding entities and use hyaladherin proteins to capture hyaluronan from solution, leaving all other molecules behind and enabling a highly pure measurement.

High Fidelity

Our isolation protocols have been optimized to produce a size distribution that is faithful to that of the original matrix.

High Sensitivity

We are able to capture trace amounts of hyaluronan, maximizing analytical capability for your sample of interest.

Direct comparison of size distributions for polydisperse HA before (red) and after (black) our extraction procedure. Unpublished data.


High Sensitivity

We use the most reliable, highest sensitivity kit on the market, offering a resolution of 25 ng/mL.

(See https://echelon-inc.com/product/hyaluronan-enzyme-linked-immunosorbent-assay-ha-elisa/)

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